Decorating Ideas You and Your Partner Will Love

When you move in with your partner, your home furnishings and decor should showcase your individual styles and interests while also tying them together, forming a space where everything works in harmony. So how do you decide what pieces stay and go, and what new elements you need to add to turn your house into a home you both feel comfortable in? Let’s explore a few decorating ideas from for your new sanctuary.

In the Kitchen

Even if you didn’t cook much as a single person, you and your partner may start spending more time enjoying a relaxing meal at home after a long day’s work or a tasty brunch for two on the weekends. If your kitchen is near your backyard, create an indoor-outdoor dining experience by moving the dining area closer to the outside of the house. Not sure how to reconfigure the space? Consult with a professional interior designer who will come up with the perfect layout and will help you find and hire the right builders for the job.

In the Living Room

If you both have very different interests, your wall art and knickknacks may have a hard time coexisting harmoniously in your living room. Take time to select pieces that you both enjoy to decorate the room, and keep it simple and uncluttered for a more relaxing atmosphere. If you want to keep the rest of your stuff close at hand but out of view, there are clever ways to conceal items in your living room. A storage ottoman, a coffee table with a hidden compartment, or totes and baskets sitting on shelving units will help the space look tidy and polished.

In the Bathroom

Sharing a bathroom with your partner can be a challenge, especially if your space is limited and you have a lot of grooming appliances, personal hygiene items, and implements. In order to make the room work for the both of you, take advantage of vertical space: an over-the-toilet etagere is an elegant, yet practical way of storing your essentials out of view. Make use of dead wall space by adding shelves lined with baskets that can hide extra towels and other necessities. Replace the mirror over the sink with a medicine cabinet to hide products and pill bottles you use regularly in order to unclutter your countertop.

In the Bedroom

Give a romantic vibe to your bedroom by opting for comfy, plush bedding and inviting pillows. Choose a relaxing color you both love and repaint the walls. Add some wall art or photographs representing your love journey. And if you have to share a closet in the bedroom, make use of the space under the bed by storing out-of-season clothing and seldom-worn shoes and other items in underbed storage containers. 

In the Backyard

Revamping your backyard as you move in together has two major benefits. First, you’ll be able to create a relaxing space that the two of you can share. Second, you will add curb appeal to your house, thus increasing the value of your property. For those reasons, think about hiring

a backyard landscaping service. Search online for ‘landscaping near me’, read reviews left by real clients, and ask a few of them for a quote before you settle on the one you want to work with.

Some landscaping companies may offer special deals depending on the time of the year or in their off-season, so take advantage of that if you’re on a budget. 

Whether you’re dreaming of a cozy backyard for the two of you to gaze at the stars or simply dreaming of more closet space for your wardrobe, professionals in your area are available to help you turn your ideas into reality! So get ready to settle into the perfect home with your life partner.

Image via Pixabay